If you have a niggle, an injury, are recovering from an injury or want to have a full assessment to start the process of getting your body into the best shape of your life, a physio session is the place to start.
Therapists: Dr. Julia Fisher & Jessica Glass

Biokenitics Cape Town


Biokinetics is predominantly an exercise-based therapy that also includes a lot of education. A session with Devon involves learning how to move, changing bad movement habits and creating symmetry in your body. He will get you moving so much more efficiently and teach you to generate power from the best areas. At an initial session you will have a full assessment so that your program is specific to you.
Therapist: Devon Coetzee

sports massage cape town

Sports Massage

If you are suffering from a build-up of tight muscles from sport or lifestyle a deep tissue massage is a great treatment for you. Keeping your muscles supple, with a good blood supply and even tone improves their function.
Therapist: Kurt Europa, Devon Coetzee & Bridget Coetzee

running assessment cape town

Running assessment

If you are a keen runner or just starting out and you are wanting to be well guided on how to improve your running form, overcome a recurring running injury, or advised on the best running shoes for you, a personalised running assessment is for you.
Therapist: Devon Coetzee

Private Pilates

Pilates is a 45 min mat based exercise session. It is either one-on-one or in small groups. The 4 week foundational strength courses are very similar to the Pilates we offer in the practice.
Therapist: Bridget Coetzee

Running Programmes & Coaching

Devon provides running programmes as well as coaching for runners of all levels. Whether you have never run before and are unsure of how to start, or if you want to run a sub 7-hour Comrades Marathon, Devon will guide you through the process. Devon’s coaching is goal based, but the priority is always making sure that the process of achieving these goals is fun and sustainable. That’s why we run, right? Because we enjoy it!
Therapist: Devon Coetzee

For more info, pricing and bookings please contact Devon 

Strength Classes

If you are training for a specific event, want to prevent injury, improve your performance or need a bit of a ‘kick start’ then one of our 4-week strength blocks is an efficient way to do so by getting stronger. We offer two different strength classes; a foundational and performance class.
Therapist: Devon Coetzee & Bridget Coetzee

For more info, pricing and bookings please contact Bridget

Sporting Events

Beyond Performance offers recovery massage packages at multi-day sporting events such as the Cape Epic, Wines2Whales etc. These massages aid in your recovery so that you can perform at your highest level throughout the event, whilst minimizing your risk of injury.

For more info, pricing and bookings please contact Bridget

Workshops & Talks

Beyond Performance has a welcoming and professional studio space that is ideal for hosting workshops and talks. From clinician specific workshops to events open to the public, our space will be a hub of knowledge sharing and information.

For more info, pricing and bookings please contact Bridget

Corporate Wellness days

Beyond Performance offers corporate wellness days for business. This involves a half/full day of health-related talks and activities that are aimed at improving the health, wellness and productivity of you employees.

For more info, pricing and bookings please contact Bridget