Strength Training

When to book a strength block?

If you are training for a specific event, want to prevent injury, improve your performance or need a bit of a ‘kick start’ then our 4-week strength block is an efficient way to do so by getting stronger.

These classes are aimed at endurance runners and riders and teach you how to move your hips and shoulders adequately while holding your spine long. You will learn and practice where to generate power from and it will help to ‘iron out’ any movement biases you may have.

Many people have done 2 or more of these strength blocks. This is accommodated by adding extra load to the exercises performed.

These classes really are highly motivating and a great way to get strong in the right areas.

What does a strength class involve?

The classes are 45 min. Please come to class in gym clothes and with water and a full-
sized towel to put over your mat.

Each class starts with a standard dynamic warm up. (This warm up you will learn quickly and is a great one to do each time before you head out for a run or ride.)

There are then a host of initiating movements to prepare you to generate power correctly.

Finally, there are a group of strength exercises that the previous 30 min has prepared you for.

During the classes we predominantly use your body weight as the load, as this what you have to accelerate forward on the trail and tar. We also use some resistance bands &  loops, various balls and kettlebells.

As you progress through the four weeks, your classes are progressed. The exercises increase in complexity and intensity.

Next steps

After training your body under supervision, your awareness of your own body’s capacity is improved. This increased body awareness might find you looking for massage to help you release those night quads or hips.

Perhaps you have found the strengthening so beneficial that you want your own specific strength program progressed on a monthly or bi-monthly basis in a biokinetics session.

If you have a pain that is not resolved from massage then you should book to have a see a physiotherapist for comprehensive management of your strain or injury.