Sports Massage

When to book a sports massage assessment?

If you are suffering from a build-up of tight muscles from sport or lifestyle a deep tissue massage is a great treatment for you. Keeping your muscles supple, with a good blood supply and even tone improves their function.

If you have increased your training volume or have increased stress then massage is a great way to help you manage your muscle pains. Chronically tight muscle can affect how are joints are loaded, even the position that your spine is in. Our big goal is to prevent joint wear and tear, especially of the spine. So, if you feel that your muscles are too tense it is best that you have this worked out to keep you moving well.

What does a sports massage involve?

We offer 30, 45 and 60 minute massages. Essentially you can direct which muscle groups you would like treated.

As an outline, the duration and regions for a massage session are listed here:

  • 30 min massage: legs (front and back) or back neck & shoulders.
  • 45 min massage: similar to the 30 min treatment regions but with more time to spend on focus areas. For example if you have very tight shoulders or lower back this allows for more time on those specific areas.
  • 60 min massage: legs and back, neck & shoulders. This is a great full body work-over.
  • 90 min massage: full body with specific focus on problem areas.

Next steps

If you are relying on massage only to manage your muscle tension, you will benefit greatly from some appropriate mobility and strength work so that you can put your newly gained potential from massage to good use. This movement work comes in the form of a Biokinetics session.   

If you have a pain that is not resolved from massage then you should book to have a see a physiotherapist for comprehensive management of your strain or injury.