Running Assessment

When to book a running assessment?

If you are a keen runner or just starting out and you are wanting to be well guided on how to improve your running form, overcome a recurring running injury, or advised on the best running shoes for you, a personalised running assessment is for you.

What does a running assessment involve?

A running assessment is 60 minutes and you must please come ready to run (in your running shoes and kit).

The session includes:

  • Full history (medical, injury & sporting)
  • Goal setting for the session (shoe / strength / training advice)
  • Movement screen
  • Mobility and strength testing
  • Video analysis of you running from three different perspectives
  • Running form feedback

Next steps

To really consolidate the running assessment a few Biokinetics sessions where you will be guided through very specific strength and mobility training will be best. These are beneficial to get you moving right by gaining the right mobility and strength.

Our strength courses are also focused on running specific strength and mobility. There are two strength classes that we offer, both in 4-week blocks. The foundational strength course establishes correct movement and the next is the performance strength class.

The performance strength classes are more demanding and move through large loaded ranges of hips and knees whereas the foundational strength classes are just one step up from Pilates. 

If you are moving in a pattern that is well established you may be referred for some fascia work in a Lyno session to help free you of the restrictions.