When to book a Pilates session?

If you are looking for an effective foundational strength practice, Pilates is for you. Its primary goal is to teach you how to move using the correct muscle groups. Traditionally Pilates is very spine focused, although we integrate it with a lot of hip and shoulder mobility and strength as the capacity of these big joints are essential to a healthy spine. 

What does a Pilates session involve?

Pilates is a 45 min mat based exercise session. It is either one-on-one or in small groups. The 4 week foundational strength courses are very similar to the Pilates we offer in the practice. 

The session starts with spine, hip and shoulder mobility movements. Once the body is well prepared you will be guided through some strengthening movements using your own bodyweight and props. Props include; Pilates rings, resistance bands, big and small balls, foam rollers and light dumbells.

If you have an injury or niggle please tell Bridget before your session. If you feel any sharp pain or excessive strain during an exercise please stop the movement and tell Bridget what you are feeling.

The next steps

Once you have learnt how to move with engagement, using your big joints and protecting your spine, joining a strength class is a great next step.

There are two strength classes that we offer, both in 4-week blocks. The foundational strength course would be the first step for you and the next is the performance strength class.

The performance strength classes are more demanding and move through large loaded ranges of hips and knees whereas the foundational strength classes are just one step up from Pilates.