When to book a Physio session?

If you have a niggle, an injury, are recovering from an injury or want to have a full assessment to start the process of getting your body into the best shape of your life, a physio session is the place to start.

What does a physio session involve?

  • A comprehensive diagnostic assessment of your injury/niggle/weakness.
  • A full body movement screen to identify elements that could be contributing to your ‘complaint’. We are not all built the same and it’s important to understand how your body moves, so that we can plan the best treatment and management for you.
  • Precise, best-practice treatment to your injury.
  • A holistic full-body treatment to improve the areas that could be predisposing your imbalances in load and therefore to injury.
  • Manual muscle release.
  • Dry needling for precise, localised muscle release.
  • Joint mobilisations to restore micro accessory movements to stiff joints.
  • Fascia gliding for restoring the movement between stuck fascial layers.
  • Neural mobilisation for facilitating free movement of trapped nerves.
  • Foundational exercises to ‘work yourself better’.

Treatment during a physio session often includes a combination of a few of these techniques listed below. The physio will select the most appropriate treatment for you.

Whats Next?

Once you are on the right path with your recovery and are becoming more functional, your physio will refer you to a Biokineticist to progress your movement practices and exercises. This next step is essential to get you to reach your end goal and prevent regressions.