Our Team

Dr. Devon Coetzee

Devon is our resident biokineticist and has a passion for movement. He specializes is working with endurance athletes and has worked with professional cycling teams and runners throughout his career. Devon is also a running coach, and works with athletes of all levels, from those wanting to learn how to run 5km, to others who compete at the highest level. Devon has a PhD in running biomechanics, which is focused on running shoes and how they influence injury. The world of running footwear is often complex and misleading, so getting advice from a biokineticist and footwear professional is very rare and highly beneficial.

Devon's Skills

Fun Fact About Devon:

Devon is our running guru! He is an avid trail runner and competes in any distance ranging from 5kms to ultra-distance events. His background in exercise physiology, biokinetics and scientific research fuels his passion for running and allows him to help you achieve your own goals.​

Contact Devon

Email: devon@beyondperformance.co.za

Cell: 082 557 4572

Bridget Coetzee

Bridget is our operations manager, pilates instructor and sports massage therapist. That’s right, she does it all! A more caring person is hard to find. Bridget has taken her marketing background and moulded it into a clinical/sports specific career by studying sports science and health related courses. Her holistic approach at Beyond Performance allows her to provide a very effective treatment method. From treating lower back pain through pilates to releasing tight neck muscles with massage, she is always busy helping others feel and perform better.

Bridget's Skills

Fun Fact About Bridget:

Bridget is known as our ‘Secret Weapon”. If something needs to be done, put Bridget on it. She never skips a beat and does everything with the highest level of care and attention.

Contact Bridget

Email: bridget@beyondperformance.co.za

Cell: 082 548 1724

Troy Straszacker

Troy is an ambitious and extremely knowledgeable physiotherapist. His ability to listen, understand and think logically through symptoms of injury puts him apart from most clinicians. Troy is a talented golfer and has applied his passion for the sport to his trade by assessing and correcting the biomechanics of the golf swing to promote injury free movement. Apart from working with many golfers, Troy enjoys treating a full spectrum of clients from elite athletes to children with postural issues.

Troy's Skills

Fun Fact About Troy:

Troy is an undercover chef! He loves experimenting with different cuisines and creating delicious dishes. Maybe this creative side is why he is so good at providing effective treatment solutions to complex symptoms of injury.

Contact Troy

Email: troy@beyondperformance.co.za

Cell: 081 513 3452

Kurt Europa

Kurt is our head sports massage therapist. With over a decade of experience, Kurt has worked with the full spectrum of clients, from elite athletes to those just seeking some relaxation. Kurt has perfected the art of finding and releasing tight or over-worked muscles to provide an overall sense of mobility and ‘lightness’. In addition to hands on treatment, Kurt offers other forms of therapy including cupping and vibration therapy.

Kurt's Skills

Fun Fact About Kurt:

Kurt is known by our clients as “Magic Hands Kurt”. Some call his massages a superpower, others call it magic. Well, we just call it talent and professionalism.

Contact Kurt

Email: kurt@beyondperformance.co.za

Cell: 076 714 8764

Jana de Wet

Jana is an energetic and positive biokineticist, Pilates instructor and sports massage therapist. She believes in a holistic approach to treatment. By educating her clients she encourages and equips them to take ownership of their rehabilitation/fitness journey. Jana has a special interest in working with dancers. With 12 years of classical ballet training and a Master’s degree focusing on ballet dancers, Jana has the knowledge and the experience to treat dancers’ injuries and condition them to prevent injuries. She is also passionate about treating mothers and mothers to be to get back to an active lifestyle and is working with moms across the world through her virtual sessions.

Jana's Skills

Fun Fact About Jana:

She loves trying new things in all areas of her life, whether it is sports, art forms, exploring new places or trying different cuisines. The same goes for the way she approaches client treatments, always looking for the new best way.

Contact Jana

Email: jana@beyondperformance.co.za

Cell: 082 546 4349