When to book a Lyno session?

The body is brilliantly designed with each muscle and joint having a very specific role to play. In a healthy and capable body, each muscle and joint fulfils its complex role and compliments its surrounding muscles and joints by ‘setting them up for success’. 

If we practice one movement repetitively (specific work or sport) or lose variability in our day to day movement (excessive sitting, >30 min at a time) the body becomes unbalanced and dominant in a particular way of moving.

This is when Lyno can be a very beneficial treatment to help you give you a fresh start and ‘iron out’ these unbalanced tissues that repetitive patterns form.

If you have recurrent or chronic injury it is important that you change how your body transfers force onto or through that area. Lyno and exercises (mobility and strength) can help you evenly transfer force through your body.

If this all sounds foreign to you, watch this amazing video that helps explain how fascia and Lyno can help you.

What does a Lyno session involve?

A Lyno session involves a full-body functional movement assessment, foot pattern analysis and strength testing. This assessment is followed by a holistic treatment that incorporates areas from your whole body.

The assessment includes:

  • capacity to move functionally with joints well aligned
  • multi directional passive joint ranges
  • Relative strength / stress testing
  • temporary wedging to support your feet’s neutral pattern

Lyno is a hands-on treatment using a sticky body-butter in a superficial gliding manner to glide superficial tissues. It produces a friction between fascial layers and allows you to access the underlying muscles better and therefore move with better integrity and alignment.

The next steps

Once you have started establishing better movement with Lyno, it is important that your body has the opportunity to practice and to learn to move into the new space that you now have. Movement coaching and training starts early on with Biokinetics.