When to book a Bio session?

When recovering from an injury, wanting to prevent injury and when preparing for an event or an active lifestyle, Biokinetics is an essential tool to get you strong, mobile and healthy. It goes beyond your physical performance at the next race and will equip you to be a healthier and happier person through correct movement.

Its focus is on educating you and providing you with the tools on how you should be able move. It usually starts with active mobility work and progresses to include strengthening. 

What does Biokinetics involve?

Biokinetics is predominantly an exercise-based therapy that also includes a lot of education. A session with your biokineticist involves learning how to move, changing bad movement habits and creating symmetry in your body. He will get you moving so much more efficiently and teach you to generate power from the best areas. At an initial session you will have a full assessment so that your program is specific to you.

Items included in a Biokinetics session:

  • A full body movement assessment
  • Goal setting specific for you
  • Prescription of the most appropriate training to meet your set goals.
  • A home programme for you to continue the magic in your own time
  • Advice on best sport practice for you

The next steps

For maximum benefit and to see real change you should come in for progressions on your program once a month. If you are the type that needs a bit more accountability we can arrange a weekly session discount for you to train with your biokineticist once a week. 

We also offer 4-week astrength block at a performance level, which include 2 sessions a week for 4 weeks.